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CUSLI Exchange Program:


CUSLI Curriculum at Case Western Reserve University School of Law

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L6010 Canada-U.S. Law Institute Program Prof. Korsmo
L2640 International Organizations Prof. Scharf
L3200 Conflict of Laws Dean Simson
L3490 International Trade and Development Prof. Gerhart
L3500 International Arbitration Prof. King
L3540 International Business Transactions Prof. Groetzinger
L0960 NAFTA & Bi-lateral Investment Treaties Profs. Todgham-Cherniak & DeBoer
L0340 International Tax Policy Seminar Profs. Gordon & Boise
L4230 Financial Institutions Integrity Seminar Profs. Gordon & Boise
L4510 Global Corporate Governance Lab Prof. Gordon
L0890 Department of Homeland Security/U.S. Coast Guard Lab Profs. Korsmo, Noone, & Sugimoto
L7090 Canada-United States Law Journal Seminar Prof. Korsmo
L7020 Niagara International Moot Court Competition  

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CUSLI Curriculum at the University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Law

Law 312 International Trade Law Carmody
Law 351 American Constitutional Law Prof. Taylor
Law 355 International Investment and Mineral Resources Law  
Law 367 NAFTA Law Prof. Robinson
Law 433 International Business Transactions Prof. Carmody
Law 474 International Protection of Intellectual Property Prof. Perry
Prof. Wilkinson
Law 486 Corporate Finance  
Law 487 International Taxation  
Law 496 International Commercial Litigation  
Law 5225 Public International Law Prof. Brown
Prof. Oosterveld
Law 5427 International Environmental Law Prof. Seck
Law 5430 International Human Rights Prof. Marlowe
Law 5432 International Organizations Prof. Oosterveld
Law 5627 Comparative Copyright Law Prof.Trosow
Law 5635 International Business Transactions Prof. Carmody
Law 5635 International Trade Law Prof. Carmody
Law 5670 International Commercial Litigation Prof. Pitel
Law 5801 Mining Law & Project Finance Prof. Barton
Law 5809 International Criminal Law Prof. Oosterveld
Law 5812 International Labour Law Prof. Roth
Law 5850 NAFTA and Its Place in Global Trade and Investment Prof. Robinson
Law 5856 International Tax Prof. Campbell
Law 5885 Law Reform in the American Empire: The United States and the Legal Reconstruction of Germany and Japapn, 1945-52 Prof. Kostal

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CUSLI Student Exchange Program:

The CUSLI Student Exchange Program provides second and third year law students at CWRU Law and Western Law with the opportunity to study at the other academic institution for a semester with a full transfer of academic credit. The American Bar Association has accredited the program since its inception and presently two students from each law school may participate in program on an annual basis. Students provide all tuition to their home schools and CUSLI assists these students with travel expenses by providing stipends in the amount of US$1,500.00 to each participant.

Based on the success of this program, CWRU Law has established a similar exchange relationship with the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law (Ottawa, ON) and Western Law likewise has similar relationships with Washington College of Law, American University (Washington, D.C.), Washington and Lee University (Lexington, Virginia), and Southwestern University School of Law (Los Angeles, CA). Consequently, approximately four U.S. students attend Canadian legal institutions per academic year, and eight Canadian law students attend U.S. institutions, under the auspices of CUSLI.

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CUSLI Faculty Exchange Program:

CUSLI re-launched its Faculty Exchange Program in 2006 as U.S. Director Prof. Richard Gordon visited Western Law and presented a lecture to his Canadian colleagues and students. CWRU Law will host Western Law Prof. Erika Chamberlain in Spring 2008 for a similar visit. The host universities have agreed to provide a stipend to the professors as well as reimburse all travel expenses. The respective universities intend to host a visit from their sister university each semester (resulting in four total visits per year).

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Canadian Summer Externship Program
Ottawa, Ontario
May 21 - June 30, 2010

Sponsored by Michigan State University College of Law in cooperation with the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law and with the assistance of the government of Canada.
The Canadian Summer Externship Program in Ottawa provides U.S. law students with an opportunity to earn six academic credits in 32 class days during the six-week period from May 21 through June 30, 2010. The program consists of two integrated components. The first is a field placement, during which the student will be working for a six-week period under the supervision of Members of Parliament or public lawyers. The second is a classroom component, which consists of an introductory course on the Canadian legal system, a series of weekly seminars on topical Canadian legal issues, and a speakers’ program featuring prominent Canadians visiting with students over lunch at the House of Commons private dining room.
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