The Charitable Status of your Donation

This page is meant to give general information about the The Canada-US Law Institute status so as to help you make decisions based your donation's tax deductible eligibility. It is not meant to provide legal advise. You should consult a tax professional before filing for a deduction.

The Canada-US Law Institute is an academic institute within the Case Western Reserve School of Law. As a result, donations made to the Institute go to the Case Western Reserve School of Law and are set aside for the Institute's budget. Since Case Western Reserve University is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity, all donations made to the Canada-US Law Institute are tax deductible in the United States and Canada. The Canada Revenue Agency specifies that Canadians may deduct qualifying charitable gifts from income tax owed on Canadian income. The Canada Revenue Agency lists qualifying nonprofit U.S. universities online, which includes Case Western Reserve University. Upon receiving your donation, Case Western Reserve University will issue you a charitable receipt. .

Tax Deductible Portions of Membership

  • Charter Sponsor $9,496.50
  • Sustaining Sponsor $6,215.25
  • Sponsoring Sponsor $2,346.50
  • Individual Sponsor $390.25 (for $500)and $140.25